Mi 23 cumpleaños!

Gracias a Jose, Ana y Jessica...me hicieron una fiesta sorpresa! Y también celebramos el cumple de Rosa, hermana de Ana. El cumple...lleno de pruebas...entre ellas maquillar a nuestros maridos! Y aqui teneis el resultado...menos mal que los hombres no se maquillan! :)

2 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Oh! Pobres muchachos! (I think that's a little Mexican Spanish! :) ) How did they ever let you do that to them!?!? You chicas are crazy!

Cristina dijo...

Oh, and Happy Birthday to you!!! The makeup got me so completely distracted! LOL I can't believe you are 23. I think when I met you, you were 11! Isn't that crazy? (I'm almost afraid to post on your blog, because the things we say are so different. You're friends are thinking, "Who is this crazy lady in the USA?" Love you!